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- Accordia specialises in providing commercial contract management expertise ‘on demand’ and off-payroll.  

- Extensive international business development experience in the IT sector enables us to appreciate and deal equally well with commercial and legal aspects, which is critical when important supplier-client relationships are at stake.

- Our fees are a fraction of what law firms typically charge, which can make our on-demand support for specific bids, projects or short-term overload situations extremely cost-effective.

With first-hand experience of both the corporate and the SME worlds, as well as start-up situations, we are comfortable working with businesses of any size.

We are also extremely flexible in our approach and can undertake standalone tasks or work as part of an existing permanent team, part- or full-time, in the UK or beyond.

For tasks which require the involvement of fully-qualified legal practitioners, we have associates on whom we can call as required.

If the above strikes a chord, please get in touch - after all, an initial exploratory discussion costs nothing!



“... a first class understanding of software contract issues combined with a deep and wide understanding of commerce in general”

Alan Birch,
Sales Director,
Fiserv (Europe) Ltd.